Fees Policy

You agree to pay mmmexchange the fees for exchanges completed via our Services (“Fees”) as made available via the fee schedule at mmmexchange.com/fees_policy.aspx (“ Fee Schedule ”), which we may change from time to time. Any changes to the Fee Schedule will become effective as of the expiration of such notice period. The revised Fee Schedule will apply prospectively to any exchanges that take place following the effective date of such revised Fee Schedule.

Deposit : mmmexchange doesn’t charge any fees for deposits in to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin wallet or Mavrodi Coin ( MMM ) wallet.

Withdraw : mmmexchange doesn’t make any profits on withdrawal. This means that we must charge 0.003 BTC to cover network transfer fee.

Trading : All buying and selling trades are charged 0.15%. If part of your order has not executed, the fees will be refunded upon the cancellation of the order.